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Explore detailed sonic compounds and vivid new harmonic shades, spanning constructed choral pads, brass-like textures, pseudo-string-section leads, and slow-burning symphonic ambiences, perfect for adding synthetic density to soundtracks and incidental music. Atmospheres and build-ups crafted to amplify tension, add emotive depth, and set the scene with Pigments and Analog Lab V. Precede a drop with lit-fuse risers, deploy powerful modulated mechanisms spring-loaded with suspense, or sow abstract ambience with processed voices, distorted noise, and pulsing gated waveforms.

Ready your preset library for launch with this transcendent selection of Analog Lab V patches inspired by classic sci-fi soundtracks. Explore lush evolving pads that speak of distant worlds, fluttering arps reminiscent of dancing constellations, and swelling bass gliders that boldly go where no synth has gone before. The kinetic sound of natural string vibrations, reanimated in virtual form. This selection of plucked lead sounds is designed for melodies that ring with orchestral vibrancy, acoustic depth, and metallic resonance.

Ride the natural wave of attack and decay of guitar plucks, pizzicato violin, droning piano, and tender harp, processed and transformed into punchy modern leads that pierce the clouds. A supernova fusion of wavetable, FM, and additive sounds, perfect for hardbass, dubstep, grime, electro house and more. Kick back and bathe in vibes with a sublime selection of lo-fi keyboard presets for Analog Lab. Perfect for beat makers and hip hop producers.

Channeling everything from his dubstep roots to his unique tapestry of EDM, techno, and sounds-yet-unclassified, get experimental with sounds that are simultaneously retro and futuristic, heavy and abstract - a sound design masterclass. Harley Edward Streten, better known by his pseudonym Flume, is nothing short of an electronic music pioneer. Future bass trailblazer, musical chameleon, and DJ supreme, his vibrant records, pumping live performances, and euphoric remixes have left a lasting mark.

This pack of presets for Analog Lab pays tribute to his signature cascading leads, razor-sharp stacked basses, stadium-sized pads, and more. Across the ages, throughout every chapter of music, some of the most recognisable instruments have had one thing in common; black and white keys. Sounds deconstructed, stripped down to musical atoms, rebuilt and layered into something entirely new. From deep vibrating noise to delicate musical stutters, animate and energize your mix with stop-start swells, hybrid textures, and all the sonic density you need.

This selection of granular pads for Pigments and Analog Lab is designed to dance and flicker in beautifully surreal ways. Embark on a journey to the far reaches of analog synthesis with the hypnotic power of an undisputed polysynth giant. Jup-8 V. Enjoy the timeless sound of the Jupiter-8 in the context of immersive trance; spacious pads, planet-sized unison bass, metallic pulse width arps, and evolving trance sequences inspired by one of the greatest keyboards ever made.

A curated selection of ambiences, ranging from soft to detailed, meditative to mysterious. Layer your mix with flickering granular textures, angelic new age choir pads, and evolving additive patches, perfect for music with depth - from film score to progressive house.

An array of patches inspired by the delicate hammers of an acoustic piano, the fiery resonance of a vintage organ, the velvet chime of a Rhodes, and the edgy stabs of a classic analog synth. Glassy sonic reflections and refractions that are both sharp and smooth in equal measure. Intricate additive patches with fractal evolutions, shimmering bell-like FM pads, material vibrations brimming with harmonic detail, ideal for contemporary electronica and textural ambience.

Explore modern wavetable, additive, and hybrid timbres that demand the full attention of your mix. Grimy detuned drones, abrasive wavetable stabs, punchy sub-rich FM plucks, and everything in between, perfect for bass music, garage, and deep EDM.

Fuse your hip-hop beats with thunderous horn section gusto, sprinkle a touch of orchestral elegance into your techno mix, or simply enjoy the delicate airy sound of flutes reimagined. Angelic analog pads with artificial vowel characteristics, haunting sampled whispers, shifting wavetable drones that speak their own language - which voice will you choose? Immerse yourself in the silky-smooth sounds of the late, great Prince Rogers Nelson - the artist eternally known as Prince.

Slow-burn soundtracks to accompany rainy days in hilltop isolation, time-lapse observations from a satellite, or the night-time exploration of a neon-lit metropolis. With elements of lo-fi new age nostalgia, swirling wavetable pads, and plucky analog sequences, these 36 sounds for Analog Lab and Pigments are built to underpin film, animation, and gameplay alike. Prolific, eclectic, pioneering, mesmerising; capture the iconic sound of the late, great David Bowie with 35 presets for Analog Lab V.

Wurlitzer meets wavetable, Electric piano meets Emulator - Hybrid Pianos features 32 presets for Analog Lab V that approach the hammered formula from outside the box, layering classic acoustic piano sounds with vintage electrified keys and modern digital algorithms. Harmony and rhythm, united in musical momentum. Gatekeepers contains 64 presets for Pigments and Analog Lab V with intriguing stop-start energy, designed to give your ambient electronic mix a pulse and add moving phrases to the dynamics of your tracks.

From smooth analog-style stacks to abstract granular structures, these sounds are the valves controlling your harmonic flow. Rusty, cutting textures designed for aggrotech, industrial, and dark electro vibes. Visceral, grating timbres for the perfect rough-around-the-edges sound, from fizzing pads to sandpaper unison basses. Corrosive contains 64 presets for Pigments and Analog Lab V, giving you instant access to the sonic friction your mix demands.

Subdued pads, processed analog textures, and aged plucks to chill your track to its core. At the core of every neon trap anthem is the massive momentum and platinum slap of the bass drum, giving the low-end a tune of its own. This Pigments pack brings the thunder in true Atlanta style, with everything from crushed style analog to grimy sub bass. Give your beats that unmistakable modular flavour - the sound of voltage itself. Perfect for edgy deep house and industrial techno, this pack will have your percussion tracks patched up in no time - from classic analog kicks to raw resonant claps.

Remember me. No account? Create Account. Analog Lab V. Create, produce, perform. Analog Lab V is a plugin that combines thousands of world-class presets spanning dozens of timeless instruments, instant-access controls, and flawless integration - in one place. Contains sounds for: Analog Lab V. Atmosphere, glitchy, processed, chill Discover sonic projections of a dream-state mind, from lucid explorations to glitchy fragments of distant memories.

Main Demo. Singles Demo. Olafur Tribute Icelandic master of ambience Organic, ambient, reflective, textural. Olafur Tribute Icelandic master of ambience 64 Presets. Underwater Atmos Deep blue presets Ambient, processed, peaceful, nature. Underwater Atmos Deep blue presets 64 Presets. Ambient, processed, peaceful, nature Submerge your sound in affected, atmospheric, beautiful timbres inspired by the flow of rivers and echoes of ocean depths.

Chiptune Elements Insert sound to continue Retro, 8-bit, arcade, digital. Chiptune Elements Insert sound to continue 64 Presets. Retro, 8-bit, arcade, digital The nostalgic digital sounds of 8-bit and chiptune, levelled up for colorful modern production. Contains sounds for: Pigments. See offer This sound bank will only be available through the Energy Triad sound pack during the intro offer. Heavy, bass, distorted, rhythmic From aggressive liquid basses and lethal floor-shaking subs to warning-siren leads and monstrous brass stabs, these are the mean signature sounds of an underground scene ascended.

Gydra DNB. Ringenbach Bass. Nothing To Worry About. Lektrique EDM. New Loops EDM. Electrified Frequencies. Zardonic EDM. Trap Chemical Mesmerizing shades of trap, cloud rap, and drill Atmospheric, emotive, pumping, metallic. Trap Chemical Mesmerizing shades of trap, cloud rap, and drill Presets. Trap Desormieres. Trap D Bis. Gydra Trap. Yuli Trap. Soulful Soundscapes Analog soul, digital edge Jazzy, urban, sampled, funk.

Soulful Soundscapes Analog soul, digital edge 64 Presets. Bass Majoris Massive earthshakers Modern, fat, aggressive, resonant. Bass Majoris Massive earthshakers 64 Presets. Modern, fat, aggressive, resonant Set your basslines free and unleash the full power of the low-end.

Synthwave Supernova Starships and sunsets Retro, analog, groove, sci-fi. Synthwave Supernova Starships and sunsets 64 Presets. Retro, analog, groove, sci-fi Set your sound on course for a neon night sky. Nostalgic, pop, retro, dance Take V Collection on a journey to the decade of cassettes, cable TV, and cultural revolution.

Soundtrack, ambient, retro, dark Inspired by the night he came home, sprinkle some fresh terror throughout your productions with a frightening host of expertly-designed Halloween presets. Organic, ambient, sampled, nature Root your compositions and sound design projects in the earthly elements. Hypnotic Leads Patches that mesmerize Lead, solo, processed, powerful. Hypnotic Leads Patches that mesmerize 64 Presets. Lead, solo, processed, powerful Make melodies that hold attention, immediate and spellbinding, with this refined selection of lead presets for Pigments.

Irradiated Landscapes Sounds from the fallout Processed, distorted, abstract, textural. Irradiated Landscapes Sounds from the fallout 65 Presets. Processed, distorted, abstract, textural Resonance rippling off surfaces, spectrums of sound reflecting off each other, and cracked sonic textures beneath the surface. Autobahn Krautrock road trip Retro, analog, techno, experimental. Autobahn Krautrock road trip 32 Presets.

Retro, analog, techno, experimental Capture the motorized momentum and supercharged revolutions of the Krautrock machine with a specially-crafted selection of Analog Lab V presets from Rob Martland. Main Demo 1. Main Demo 2. Pulse Atmospherica Rhythmic elements inside spaces Percussive, noise, glitch, atmospheric. Pulse Atmospherica Rhythmic elements inside spaces 64 Presets. Percussive, noise, glitch, atmospheric Weave organic rhythms pulsing with atmospheric density, warped percussive elements, and deep echoing ambience with this selection of unique Pigments patches.

Ancient Mantra Choirs from past aeons Vocal, formant, textural, ambient. Ancient Mantra Choirs from past aeons 64 Presets. Vocal, formant, textural, ambient A selection of mysterious, atmospheric, and ethereal voice-like timbres designed to add an organic element to your electronic and ambient mixes. SQ80 V. Eternity Unseeing. Debris Eyes. Bury It. Dust Materials For the digital lo-fi age Soft, tape, saturated, ambient. Dust Materials For the digital lo-fi age 64 Presets.

Lofi Energy. Kintsugi Harmony Keyboards fractured and remade Granular, sampled, keys, textural. Kintsugi Harmony Keyboards fractured and remade 64 Presets. Granular, sampled, keys, textural Shattered fragments of familiar keyboard sounds, made more beautiful through granular reconstruction and manipulation. Partials Collide Percussion forged in harmonics Resonant, rhythmic, drums, processed. Partials Collide Percussion forged in harmonics 64 Presets.

Basement Adrenaline Drum and bass accelerated Bass, massive, punchy, modern. Basement Adrenaline Drum and bass accelerated 66 Presets. Bass, massive, punchy, modern Get your mix pumping with the fattest wavetable, additive, FM, and virtual analog synth bass and lead patches, designed specifically for crafting floor-shaking drum and bass mixes. Sampled, soft, ambient, textures One of the most prolific and diverse artists in contemporary electronic music, Four Tet is widely considered a pioneer.

Lady Gaga Tribute Monster patches Pop, bass, pads, keys. Lady Gaga Tribute Monster patches 64 Presets. Pop, bass, pads, keys Celebrate the pop music superpower that is Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, with a glamorous selection of carefully-crafted presets for Analog Lab.

Memory Extracts Samples reflected, refracted, remade 64 Presets. Acidic Grooves Sounds that make you smile House, techno, rave, analog. Acidic Grooves Sounds that make you smile 64 Presets. House, techno, rave, analog Get your tunes pumping to the 4-to-the-floor sounds of the Chicago-born movement that continues to influence electronic music. Singles Demo 2. New Horizons Venture further into sound Analog, digital, vintage, hybrid. New Horizons Venture further into sound Presets.

Analog, digital, vintage, hybrid To mark the release of V Collection 8. Singles Demo 1. Main Demo 3. Groovy, thrilling, retro, pop Infuse your tracks with the iconic keyboard sounds of The king of pop, reimagined in exquisite detail for Analog Lab by Dave Polich. Demo 1. Demo 2. Sonata Chroma Quasi-orchestral explorations Strings, brass, hybrid, pads. Sonata Chroma Quasi-orchestral explorations 64 Presets. Countdown And Launch Sonic suspense builders Evolving, ambient, noise, processed.

Countdown And Launch Sonic suspense builders 64 Presets. Evolving, ambient, noise, processed Atmospheres and build-ups crafted to amplify tension, add emotive depth, and set the scene with Pigments and Analog Lab V. Expedition Sci-fi Sounds of the space age Retro, analog, sci-fi, powerful.

Valkyrie listens to Thor after his trickery. Once Valkyrie refused to be involved in the fight against Hela, she was then tricked by Thor after their conversation had led them closer, as Thor stole the Obedience Disk from her, thus allowing him to disarm his disk.

Valkyrie and Loki meet up with Grandmaster. Grandmaster then offered them a bounty for the capture of Thor and Hulk, instead of planning of public execution, leading to him find them quickly as possible. As Valkyrie kept fighting Loki, she was discovered by her tattoo on her arm, leading to Loki knowing she was the last living Valkyrie; however, Valkyrie was unwilling to allow this secret to be revealed as she kicked Loki away and threatened him by pinning him against the wall and telling him to chose his next words carefully.

Valkyrie locating both Thor and Bruce Banner. With the memories awakened, Valkyrie decided to help Thor and managed to locate him in the Sakaar City and tazed a potential threat. Valkyrie and Thor briefly exchanged glances and questioned who Bruce Banner was, unaware that his alter-ego was Hulk. While Thor awkwardly flirted with Valkyrie, she then directed the two fugitives to her apartment.

Valkyrie brings Thor and Bruce Banner to Loki. The two then followed Valkyrie to her apartment, and she explained that her drinking habits were the result of the Massacre of the Valkyrie. As Thor commented that her alcoholism was a bit too excessive, Valkyrie affirmed him that she was unwilling to stop drinking but willing to fight the Goddess of Death one last time with the intent of stabbing her through the heart.

Valkyrie reconciled with the two as Thor agreed with her statement, however; she questioned the group to know if they have a name. Thor claimed that if they were going to get revenge, their new team would be called the Revengers , although Banner claimed to be undecided. Valkyrie and the Revengers discuss Loki. Valkyrie then welcomed the two fugitives into her apartments and showed them her peace offering; a restrained Loki.

As Thor threw a bottle at his head to confirm that Loki was not an illusion, Valkyrie then showed Thor her ancient Dragonfang , which he was impressed by. Discussing their escape plans, Valkyrie insisted that the best route through Asgard would be through a wormhole, which would take them to Xandar. As she observed the wormhole, she pointed out that her ship would destroy her Warsong. As Loki began to offer the three advice, Valkyrie threw an empty bottle at his head.

Thor then explained to Valkyrie how Loki had tried to kill the two on many occasions. Valkyrie demanded to get rid of the Sakaaran Guards away from the palace before Thor had told them to start a revolution. Valkyrie liberates Korg and other prisoners. Acting on the orders of Thor , Valkyrie used the security codes to break into the Sakaaran prisons, which held Korg , Miek , and other members of the Sakaaran Rebellion , and liberated them.

Valkyrie pilots the Commodore. Valkyrie then boarded her Warsong , with her Dragonfang and traditional armor. However, a group of Sakaaran guards started to chase Valkyrie, with Topaz having been informed that the rebellion was started. During the pursuit, she managed to destroy a few pursuing ships, although Topaz managed to shoot down her ship, forcing Valkyrie to jump from her ship, surviving due to her Asgardian strength.

Valkyrie shooting at Fenris and the Berserkers. Hours later, the three awoke from their unconsciousness and seemingly found themselves back in Asgard. Horrified by the destruction Hela and her resurrected Berserkers caused to the civilization, Hulk commented that the realm was not in good condition and would have looked nicer had it not been in flames.

Valkyrie then noticed a group of heat signatures clustered within a hidden stronghold in the Asgardian mountains. Thor, who assured Valkyrie that he had an ally on the inside, headed to the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf so he could lure Hela away from the Asgardian citizens. Valkyrie fights against the Berserkers. Valkyrie then proceeded to shoot at the gargantuan wolf , only for the creature to absorb the bullets. Having discerned that the bullets caused no harm to the wolf, Banner announced to Valkyrie that he would turn back into Hulk.

The Revengers discuss how to defeat Hela. Fenris dismissed Banner as a threat and approached the Asgardians. However, Banner suddenly turned into Hulk and attacked Fenris, which led to a fight between the two. Watching, Valkyrie immediately realized Banner was the Hulk and the reason Thor brought him. A group of Berserkers attempted to overwhelm the Commodore ship, forcing Valkyrie to crash the ship on the Bifrost Bridge.

As Thor gained his new electricity powers, Valkyrie fought against a horde of Berserkers, slicing each one down with her Dragonfang. After all the Berserkers were killed, Valkyrie reunited with the Revengers as they prepared to fight Hela. As a result of his lightning new powers, Thor and Valkyrie were both able to stalemate her. Hela then launched her Necroswords at Valkyrie, who was able to deflect all the weapons. However, the Goddess of Death managed to subdue the Asgardian warrior.

As Hela approached Valkyrie, Thor leaped up and told her that Asgard was all hers. Surprised by his statement, Hela claimed that he could not defeat her as she was the Goddess of Death. As Hela attempted to stop the Fire Demon , Valkyrie attacked Hela, which allowed enough time for Thor to use his lightning powers to destroy a portion of the Bifrost Bridge. Suddenly, they spotted Hulk emerge from the waters attacking Surtur.

As Hulk approached Surtur, Valkyrie and Thor told him to stop smashing. Valkyrie serves under the leadership of Thor. Hulk proceeded to help the two Asgardian warriors escape onto the Statesman. The crestfallen Asgardians looked up to their new king, Thor, for leadership. Valkyrie was then present when Thor announced the new Asgard would in fact be Earth. During the ambush, half of the Asgardians on the ship were slaughtered, along with Heimdall and Loki. Shortly after the attack , Thanos managed to complete the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers, causing half life in the universe to disintegrate into nothingness.

With an absent leader, Valkyrie fell into the position of helping her community. Valkyrie greets Hulk and Rocket Raccoon. Valkyrie is reunited with Bruce Banner. Valkyrie was then greeted by Bruce Banner, who commented that it was nice to see her again. Banner introduced her to Rocket, whom she exchanged glances with.

Valkyrie joins the Avengers against Thanos. Following the Blip , Valkyrie, along with Korg , Miek , Einherjar guards, and the resurrected Asgardians , were transported to the destroyed ruins of the Avengers Compound by Doctor Strange and Wong right as Thanos unleashed his army of the Black Order , the Outriders , Sakaarans , Chitauri , and Leviathans on the Avengers in search of the time-displaced Infinity Stones.

Valkyrie charges towards Thanos and his army. She then stood alongside all the assembled heroes as they prepared to face Thanos and his army. In the initial clash, she swooped down on a Chitauri Gorilla. Valkyrie assists Spider-Man in battle. Unfortunately, as the Sanctuary II began bombarding the area after Thanos had ordered an airstrike, Valkyrie gave Spider-Man , who was carrying the Nano Gauntlet , a ride after he was dropped onto her steed by Pepper Potts.

Spider-Man attempted to introduce himself to Valkyrie, but a shot from the Sanctuary II soon separated them. Valkyrie assists Captain Marvel in battle. As she and the other heroes cleared a path for Captain Marvel, Valkyrie managed to down a Leviathan by using her spear to tear through its thick armor, which Scarlet Witch held back.

However, Thanos managed to destroy the van with his Double-Edged Sword. Valkyrie kneels before Iron Man after his death. Eventually, the battle was concluded when Iron Man stripped the stones off the gauntlet and snapped his fingers, killing Thanos and his army for good, but coming at the cost of his own life in the process. As the two gathered on the hill overlooking the New Asgard, Valkyrie inquired as to when Thor would be back, reminding them that the Asgardians needed a king to lead them.

However, Thor instead assured Valkyrie that Asgard already had a king, referring to her. Valkyrie is officially named the ruler of Asgard. Staring in disbelief, Valkyrie took his statement as a joke, but soon realized Thor was serious. Glancing at the prospect of being the leader of the Asgardians , Valkyrie warned Thor that she would make many changes to the New Asgard in his absence. Valkyrie then watched as Thor left with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Valkyrie embodied all that the Valkyrie were renowned for; she was selfless, brave, noble, loyal and dedicated to her people, to her Valkyrie sisters, and to Asgard. Sadly, the Massacre of the Valkyrie by Hela inflicted deep psychological scars on Valkyrie, traumatizing her greatly. With the overwhelming grief combined with anger against Odin for sending them against Hela, and with the shame of being the only survivor, Valkyrie abandoned Asgard and fled into exile on Sakaar.

She became a notorious alcoholic, seeking to eventually drink herself to death, and adopted a rude, sardonic, gung-ho and generally selfish attitude towards everyone besides the Grandmaster and Hulk. Feeling no remorse or empathy, she delivered numerous contenders to the Grandmaster for years, filling in any spare time with drinking, fighting, training, or hunting - sometimes all at once.

She developed a strong bitterness toward Asgard and the monarchy but her deep-rooted fear of Hela and the trauma from their last encounter remained with her even though she was eventually able to bury the memories of the massacre deep in her subconscious. When she encountered Thor , Valkyrie initially remained apathetic and unmoved by his efforts to get her to help him and Hulk escape. Valkyrie took a sharp turn however when in an encounter with Loki , he unlocked the memories of the Valkyrie massacre that she had buried long ago, forcing her to finally confront her fear and guilt and enabling her to begin moving past it at last.

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Aion 7.2 Senekta Solo Path + Boss

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